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Branches & All

Stefania and Ionut Passare

Dear Friends, Ionut and I are launching our a new enterprise focused on sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint in the floristry sector.

The wider issue. Commercially, there are clear signs that support that customer ethics conflict with the high carbon footprint practices of modern floral design. Recently, flower growing has expanded hugely, with plants growing centres established in countries with warmer climates, mainly Africa and South America. Usually, this intensive expansion involves unsustainable farming methods such as usage of pesticides and monoculture planting. The customers of this produce are mainly Europe or North America based, making it necessary for produce to travel long distances in ‘cold-chain’ transport systems. Moreover, we see huge amounts of landfill waste from the floristry market, due to the use of floral plastic foam and single trims, all contributing to the high carbon footprint which marks modern floral designs.

Our solution. We propose to bring sustainability to the forefront of floral designs in the UK. Our team has many years of experience in horticulture, design, and business. Our solution is to deliver contemporary floral designs in a truly sustainable manner, and respecting the seasonality of plants. We are uniquely placed to deliver this goal. Importantly, we are brought together by a real commitment to benefit the wider community whilst delivering beautiful, unique designs to our corporate customers.

Ionut and I believe there is real urgency in bringing sustainability to the floristry sector. Thus, we created Branches & All, sustainable floral designs and installations.

Whilst our website is in production, please visit our new Instagram account for a taste of the Spring arrangements we can offer you and your business!

Stefania and Ionut Pasare

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