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Order Disclaimer:

We take no responsibility for damage to life or property in connection with our arrangements. If you are unsure how this affects you, we recommend you revise the attached document which covers the Harmful Plants Policy as provided by the British Florist Association.

All our arrangements are made to match the client brief and your expectations as closely as possible. While we will make every effort to achieve this, we do reserve the right to replace certain elements if we feel they won't be as beautiful as they could be, or if that plant is not available to us by unforeseen circumstances.

We will still deliver you a bespoke, inspiring floral arrangement, lovingly created by our in-house designer using seasonal, locally sourced, and grown products.


Whilst we regularly test the lifespan of our arrangements, flowers are a natural thing - and sometimes they behave in a way we can't predict. If you feel your arrangement has done something unpredictable that isn't making you smile- please get in touch and we will make sure to discuss options with you!

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