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Floral arrangements


Your events and meeting spaces, beautifully decorated

Communicate your business ethos via our designs

Locally sourced flowers for bespoke arrangements

Supporting the circular economy
and our local community


We believe there is real urgency in bringing sustainability to the floristry sector. Flora Design is a Scottish-based enterprise focused on sustainable and seasonal floral arrangements.

To this purpose, we bring forward local primary producers of materials to create low carbon footprint designs to showcase commercial spaces. Our in-house floral designer shares their real passion for horticulture and design by creating contemporary, seasonal arrangements in an environment-friendly manner. Our sustainability and low carbon usage approach covers the whole design chain, from sourcing of materials to delivery of our products, and aftercare. We are convinced of the future of sustainable, seasonal floral design.

All arrangements are bespoke and original. We offer floral design for both special occasions and regular deliveries.

How it works

Please drop us a message via our contact form. We will arrange a free visit to your premises and create a client brief, in which we discuss what you wish to achieve.

What do you get

We will supply you with a seasonal and locally sourced floral arrangement to suit your budget and achieve maximum impact in the space available.


We will also arrange a follow up visit to make sure you are happy with the floral design. Finally, once the arrangement is past its best, we will collect and re-use/compost accordingly.


Why it’s important?

Flora Design is responding to the changed demands of the floristry market. Sustainability and seasonality are at the heart of our floral arrangements, thus ensuring we deliver beautiful designs whilst achieving the lowest carbon footprint possible.

How do we achieve this?

We have a complete approach to ensure we deliver sustainable floral design to our corporate customers. 
Firstly, we use green material grown locally to Scotland, be it by ourselves or by local growers.
Secondly, we make use of otherwise ‘waste’ material from our sister gardening company, Flora Gardening (website).
Thirdly, the floral designs we produce make use of alternatives to foam (such as moss) and natural materials. 
Fourthly, instead of sourcing low-cost sundries for our designs, which are often imported and create high carbon footprints, we purchase items such as glass containers, ceramic pottery, and wreaths from local artisans or recycling centres. 
Finally, we collect arrangements once they are past their best and, as we only employ materials which can be reused, repurposed, or ultimately composted in our own facilities, we are able to avoid landfill waste.
This allows us to keep a low carbon footprint but also offer unique designs to our corporate clients in a manner that benefits the wider community. 

Try us out! We are a group of friendly, plant-loving and climate change-challenging professionals. We would love to meet you and discuss what we can do for your business. We have a community orientated approach which you can read about here.
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Commercially, there are clear signs that support the customer ethics conflict with the high carbon footprint practices of modern floral design. Recently, flower growing has expanded hugely, with plants growing centres established in countries with warmer climates, mainly Africa and South America. Usually, this intensive expansion involves unsustainable farming methods such as usage of pesticides and monoculture planting. The customers of this produce are mainly Europe or North America based, making it necessary for produce to travel long distances in ‘cold-chain’ transport systems. Moreover, we see huge amounts of landfill waste from the floristry market, due to the use of floral plastic foam and single trims, all contributing to the high carbon footprint which marks modern floral designs.


We propose to bring sustainability to the forefront of floral designs in the UK. Our team has many years of experience in horticulture, design, and business. Our solution is to deliver contemporary floral designs in a truly sustainable manner. We are uniquely placed to deliver this goal. Importantly, we are brought together by a real commitment to benefit the wider community whilst delivering beautiful, unique designs to our corporate customers.
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